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With the likelihood of significant snow (and potential power outages) on the way, here are 10 things you should plan on doing in preparation for the storm:

1) Reconsider travel plans – Roads will likely be a mess in all directions, especially during the day. Fewer cars on the road mean more room for snow plows!

2) Fuel up your vehicles – Make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicles. It keeps the lines from freezing.

3) Fuel up your generators and snow blowers – This is especially important if you used your equipment with this past storm.

4) Restock your batteries – Your battery-operated radios and flashlights may have been working all the other winter storms. Swap them out with fresh ones just in case they’re called to duty again.

5) Plug away! – Make sure your portable electronic devices are fully charged before going to bed. If the power goes out, you’re going to need a way to stay connected to what’s going on.

Montgomery_County_Dept Public Services - Winter Storm To Do List

6) Go shopping – If you lost power previously, chances are good that you’re planning on replenishing those food items lost in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to grab some non-perishable food and bottled water to have on hand.

7) Ice, ice baby – While at the store, snag a bag or two of ice that you can stick inside the refrigerator or freezer in case the power goes out again. The good news is that temperatures should be cold enough at night to store that ice in coolers or plastic storage containers outside.

8) Think “Margaritaville” – Don’t be like Jimmy Buffett! Make sure your shakers are full of rock salt, ice melt, or whatever your preferred method is to prevent and remove slippery surfaces. Cat litter can also work in a pinch … just not in your margarita. Yuck!

9) Hire some help – If you know someone in the neighborhood who has access to a teenager or young adult, get a hold of them today and ask if they’d be willing to help shovel your snow. This is going to be a wet, heavy snow so consider outsourcing the shoveling job.

10) Hit the ATM – You might need the dough to pay the neighbor’s kid for digging you out. It’s also a good idea to have cash on hand.

Here’s a bonus task (and one you hopefully already do): Please check on friends and neighbors who live alone or those who you think might need assistance. If you see someone on the street who is dealing with homelessness, there are resources in Montgomery County available to help them find a safe place to escape the cold. Connect them with Your Way Home by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-866-964-7925. If it’s a life or death situation, call 9-1-1.Montgomery_County PA

Thank you Montgomery County for these great tips!

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