Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home

roof repairs - roofing maintenanceWinter in the Delaware Valley can be very unpredictable. Some seasons, we barely see snow; and other years, it’s full of snow, ice, sleet, and gray skies. The roof of your home is extremely important as it will help to protect the residents as well as all of your personal property. While a roof can last for a long period of time, it does require some roofing maintenance on a regular basis. There are several winter roofing maintenance tips that should be followed that will help to ensure your roof stays in good condition and lasts as long as possible.

Clean Out Gutters

During the late autumn, as trees begin to lose their leaves, a significant amount of debris can gather in the gutter. If these gutters are not properly cleaned out, it could lead to a clog and formation of pool of water and ice. To prevent this from occurring, you should have your gutters cleaned every late fall after the leaves have fallen. This can greatly reduce the risk of damage from occurring.

Prevent Ice Dams

You might be surprised to know that ice dams aren’t necessarily a roofing issue, they are more of an attic ventilation issue. You’ll see ice dams forming off your roof and gutters; however, this is because your home is in need of an attic inspection. Be sure the attic vents and insulation are properly prepared for a cold winter.

Have Your Roof Inspected

 A roof inspection will be able to identify all potential causes of concern. Since these issues can grow to more serious problems in the winter, a roof inspection by a qualified professional will be able to identify them before they grow in severity.  A complete roof and attic inspection will help to protect from ice dams and cold internal temperatures.

Know the Limits

It is important to know your roof’s limitations when it comes to snow accumulation. Standard pitched roofs can easily slide off, but traditional rowhomes with flat roofs may create a problem if they are not properly equipped to handle the winter.

Roofing maintenance should occur on a yearly basis. Ideally before the winter months so you have time to schedule a roofing inspection and prepare for any roofing repairs.

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