Window Installation: What are Your Framing Options

BAYext_md[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Its summer, and you are starting to notice all the new installations your neighbors have done to their homes, making your home feel a little outdated.But you are in luck! Sometimes all you need to do in order to make a dramatic and notable difference in your home is new windows. Whether you’re looking to replace old, outdated windows, or you’re looking to just improve the appearance of your home, new windows will do the trick. It helps to familiarize yourself with your window installation options before you make any decisions. Check out the different framing options that are available.


Vinyl frames are the most affordable option, not to mention the easiest to work with. They require little to no maintenance, and they are energy-efficient. They are commonly available in light colors since the sun may warp dark colors due to heat absorption. They are exceptionally durable and will never need repainting.


Wood frames are the next step up from vinyl as far as cost goes. Wood is a timeless choice that never seems to lose its popularity. Perhaps the most annoying thing about wood frames is that they require lots of maintenance, but they do offer a strength and a beauty that can never be replaced. Plus, you have the freedom to paint them or stain them virtually any color you choose. They are relatively energy-efficient.


Fiberglass frames tend to cost more than vinyl and wood, but that’s just because they are more durable. They are energy-efficient, require absolutely no maintenance, and can still be painted any color. Fiberglass is one of the newest framing options out there, and it’s quickly gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

Aluminum Clad

Aluminum clad frames are typically the most expensive ones. They are lightweight, yet very strong and low maintenance. If you have a beach home, though, you will not want aluminum clad since salty air and water may cause corrosion. You can paint them or stain them to match any decor.

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