At Russell Roofing, we offer quality warranty services and work with our suppliers to ensure you are satisfied with your repair experience.  Below you’ll find both GAF and CertainTeed warranty information.  For more information or to request service, please contact Russell Roofing today.

GAF Limited Warranty

GAF warrants all labor performed and materials installed, in accordance with the contract, specifications and additions, from date of installation.  Coverage for all GAF products should last as long as the warranty for manufacturing defects for the type of shingle installed, however, coverages against manufacturing defects and workmanship varies as each warranty has its own specific terms and conditions, so it’s important to read each warranty carefully (see warranty comparison chart for more information).  This warranty does not include normal wear and tear, and/or product abuse.  GAF will not be liable in any event for consequential, punitive, special, incidental, or other similar damages of any kind, including damage to the interior and/or exterior of any residence and/or mold growth, whether any claim against it is based upon breach of the All-American Integrated System™ Limited Warranty, negligence, strict liability in tort, or for any other cause.  Under this warranty, GAF will be provided the opportunity to have one of its representatives assess any damage identified and/or materials installed by Contractor.  If said damage is judged to be the fault of manufacturer workmanship and/or material, Russell Roofing will at no cost to the Owner repair or replace defective material.


* Check ltd. warranties for complete coverage and restrictions. Also note:

  • The word “Lifetime” means as long as the original individual owner of a single family detached residence (or the second owner in certain circumstances) owns the property where the shingles are installed. For owners/structures (e.g., a church) not meeting above criteria, Lifetime coverage is not applicable. See limited warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.
  • Installer certification is only for installations covered by GAF system warranties.
  • Maximum wind coverage requires special installation. See limited warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

CertainTeed Limited Warranty

The CertainTeed shingle warranty fully explains how CertainTeed supports its products with the strongest warranty protection available.  Please read the warranty carefully as it lists the specific CertainTeed products that are covered and the period of time for which they are covered.

Please take the time to understand how CertainTeed protects your purchase by standing behind our products (see residential warranty information by product branding for more information).

All of CertainTeed’s shingle products are covered by standard SureStart protection for a specific period.  Under this warranty feature, CertainTeed, at no charge, will repair or replace, at its option, any shingles proven to be defective during the applicable SureStart period (see actual warranty for details).

CertainTeed also offers SureStart PLUS, the strongest extended warranty coverage in the industry, which extends the coverage AND duration of the standard SureStart protection when a credentialed contractor installs an Integrity Roof System.  Protect your investment and your home – demand The Integrity Roof System, demand a credentialed contractor, and demand SureStart PLUS.

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