Vinyl Siding Installation


Vinyl siding installation is one of the top ten improvements a homeowner can invest in before listing their home for sale, according to the National Association of Realtors.  A homeowner can expect to recoup approximately 80% of their investment, and greatly improve curb appeal.  Even if you are not trying to sell your home, vinyl siding — besides greatly improving the looks of your home — can save you thousands of dollars over the years versus having to have it repainted approximately every 5 years.

Vinyl siding, if installed correctly, can save you greatly in energy costs as it is a very effective barrier against the elements. Several factors will affect the energy-saving benefits you will ultimately obtain, and one of our siding experts will be happy to meet with you and discuss your many options.

The following are must-haves for quality vinyl siding installation:

  •      an expert siding technician
  •      thorough inspection for any wood rot
  •      removal and replacement of any wood rot
  •      house wrap
  •      a minimum thickness of 1/4″ fan-fold insulation
  •      .44 mil or thicker vinyl siding

This Old House has a very comprehensive article regarding vinyl siding installation. The following excerpt was taken from that article.

“Because vinyl expands and contracts so much, even the most expensive siding will buckle and warp if not put on correctly. Experienced contractors take a number of steps to keep this from happening. For example, panels are installed with a 1/4-in. clearance at all openings and stops, such as where a panel butts up against a window or comes to a corner of the house. That clearance is increased to 3/8 in. when siding is installed in temperatures below 32°F. You’ll also see a row of slots at the top of each panel. Your siding contractor should drive his nails through the center of the slots, leaving a small space, about 1/32 in., between the nail head and siding. That allows each panel to move slightly with temperature changes.”

If you are considering having vinyl siding installed on your house — as well as fiber cement siding or cedar siding — please contact us at Russell Roofing. If It’s Russell, It’s Right. Guaranteed!