Use an Expert Roofing Contractor For Restoring Philadelphia’s Historic Homes

If you are the proud owner of one of Philadelphia’s historic homes, you understand that many of these majestic relics require a great deal of TLC. And, as with most things in life, a proper maintenance plan for a historic home starts at the top… literally. Since water can be one of the biggest destructive forces to any home, having a system in place that will usher precipitation down and away from a home is vital to its upkeep, and begins with a reliable roof and gutter system.


Roofing Contractor in Philadelphia

This can pose a difficult (but not prohibitive) circumstance for many historic residences, because roofing materials used in their construction may not be readily available today. Whether your home is roofed with European-style clay tiles, slate, or wooden shingles, it is in your best interest to consult with an expert roofing contractor in Philadelphia, like Russell Roofing, who can guide you in your decision to repair or replace a roof made out of these materials – in an effort to support the historic value of the home.

A well-planned gutter system can also help usher water away from your historic home. While aluminum gutters and downspouts are quite common on modern homes, many older residences utilized a wooden gutter system, known as “Yankee” gutters. These unassuming wooden trenches were slightly wider than typical modern gutters, and are often built-in to the roof of a structure.

Although made of wood, and therefore, prone to decay from moisture, these gutter systems may be lined with zinc, tar, or terne coating, which will need to be inspected every few years.

There are a wide variety of roofing and gutter options available for your historic home, whether in the Philadelphia, the Main Line, or the Princeton area. If you are concerned about the roof or gutter system on your historic home, the experts at Russell Roofing are standing by to offer their professional assistance.

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