Tri-State Area Winter Weather May Cause Home Exterior Damage

The Tr-State Area (PA-NJ-DE) is accustomed to dealing with treacherous weather conditions. But what may frustrate us the most is how some regions may be heavily affected while others get no significant weather related concerns. This Year’s Tri-State Area Winter Weather May Cause Home Exterior Damage.

russell-emergency-servicesWe just received word that winter weather is likely to appear in PA-NJ this weekend, as the region’s worst snow and ice storm so far is expected to hit Sunday, impacting Monday’s commute.

Russell Roofing doesn’t want to alarm anyone with impending weather alerts. However, if the storm creates a problem for your home, know that we will be there for you in your time of need.

Winter weather brings weather-related home exterior damage:

Roof Damage

Wind Damage, Falling Debris, Hail, Snow and Ice can lead to roof damage. For solutions to all of these weather-related problems, rely on Russell Roofing, the roofing contractors residents trust for quality, dependable service. We’ll work closely with your homeowners or commercial property insurance company to document damage and provide detailed repair estimates to help smooth and speed the claims process.

Ice Dams

An ice dam forms when your roof deck warms and the snow covering your roof melts from the bottom up. The melted snow runs down to the edge of your roof where it is once again exposed to frigid air and refreezes, either on the roof edge or in a clogged gutter. This forms the ice dam.

The problem that causes ice dams is not actually the roof, but the attic. If your attic is too warm it heats up the roof deck and causes the snow to melt. The secret to preventing this is to lower the temperature in your attic to match that of the roof.

Poor Insulation

One of the last places home owners forget to address is the attic.  Proper insulation will help control energy costs within the home; and will help protect your exterior as well.

DIY TEST: If you see wood paneling in your attic, or if you notice nail tips have frost on them, please contact us.  We will help you properly insulate your home.

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While Tri-State Area Winter Weather May Cause Home Exterior Damage, you’ll be in good hands with Russell Roofing, the region’s leading home exterior contractor and service provider.