Three Common Vinyl Siding Installation Myths Debunked

Siding-Material-Comparison-205x200When it comes to vinyl siding, there are a lot of myths that prevent people from making accurate choices. Well today, Russell Roofing will share with you those myths, and the real facts. Here are three of the most common siding installation myths contractors like Russell Roofing encounter on a regular basis.

Myth #1: If I have vinyl siding installed, water will not reach my exterior walls.

Fact: Unfortunately, all types of siding, including vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement will allow water to pass underneath. To keep this water from penetrating your exterior walls, you will need to have the right flashing and house wrap installed prior to adding the siding.

Myth #2: Vinyl siding really isn’t that hard to install, so I can do it myself

Fact: The Vinyl Siding Institute recommends using a certified professional to obtain the best possible results. Most people do not have, nor should they have, the technical knowledge required to prepare the walls and ensure the siding is securely attached. Improper installation could also result in siding that is uneven or presents an otherwise awkward appearance. That’s why there are certified professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Myth #3: Having vinyl siding professionally installed costs too much money for the average homeowner

Fact: Vinyl siding actually costs only a few hundred dollars more than a full paint job. Since it costs less than two complete paint jobs, you’ll actually save money in the long run by not having to pay for this maintenance in the future. When you factor in the energy savings, it’s easy to see that vinyl siding more than pays for itself in the long run.

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of their home and make it more energy efficient. If you have considered vinyl siding, but have avoided it because you believed one of these common myths, please take the next step and contact us for more information.  We would love to show you the variety of options and discuss your preferences and needs.