Spring Into New Masonry With A Masonry Contractor Who Does It Right

Do you want a shifting wall rebuilt, a new path installed or those cracked steps improved?  Do you have brick work that is falling off, or a cracked deteriorated driveway? Were you waiting all winter to complete these projects? Well, now that it’s summer, and the weather is hot, it’s time to get that masonry project completed. Here are some common examples of masonry projects you should be thinking about for your local masonry contractor:

  • copper-flashing-st-lukesMasonry that protects the structure of a house. If there are cracks, water seeps in in and then the winter freeze causes expansion and further damage. If the masonry damage is part of the chimney or foundation of the house, inside water damage will result. Roof leaks or basement leaks can cause substantial damage requiring expensive repairs to the interior drywall or wood. Often, by the time a homeowner notices a problem, unseen damage has already occurred.
  • Your masonry wall which retains the side yard on a driveway may be cracking and leaning, meaning it may eventually fall. It is much easier to rebuild the wall with proper supports before it collapses.  
  • New brick, stone, or concrete front retainer walls often increase the value of a property because of its visibility. An attractive straight retainer-wall highlights a property. However, A cracked, shifting, leaning, and crumbling wall gives the impression that the house foundation is in equally poor shape.
  • New masonry steps, walkways, and porches not only improve the property’s appearance, but make it safer to walk. Perhaps you want a ramp to make the home more accessible. These are masonry projects that affect our lives everyday.

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