Skylight Installation for Your Home

Do you wish your home had more natural light? It seems like you can never get quite enough of it. But even if your house doesn’t have as many windows as you would like, you can always consider skylight installation. Skylights are the perfect way to get more light in your house, without taking up any of your wall space. Added daylight to a room also transforms the space, as well as adds value to your home.

Skylight Installation

skylights-6Another thing to consider, that are gaining popularity are sun tunnels. Sun tunnels are much smaller than skylights, but beam the natural light directly into your room. If you haven’t seen one before, they really are a unique sight to behold. For example, in a walk-in closet or bathroom, a sun tunnel can illuminate the whole space with natural light, no need to use a light bulb in those rooms during the day. These rooms might be too small for a traditional skylight, but a sun tunnel fits perfectly.

Larger rooms, like a bedroom or living room, are great places to add one or more skylight. Russell Roofing installs Velux brand skylights, that have a venting feature so you can open up your skylights to let fresh air into the house. What is even more impressive is that these skylights close automatically if it starts to rain.

At Russell Roofing, our skylight experts can help you add value and comfort to your house by installing skylights or sun tunnels for you. Contact us to view our selection and get a quote on skylights to transform you home.

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