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Scraping and painting your home every few years is a chore no homeowner enjoys. The task either gobbles up days or weeks of your time, or burns through thousands of dollars of your hard earned money spent on hiring a professional painter. No more! Instead, get our siding cost estimate and let Russell Roofing wrap your home in beautiful, durable siding and say “Good-bye!” to the endless cycle of painting.

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Russell Roofing is not locked in to offering you just one choice in siding. We install a wide range of siding products, each of which offers distinct advantages.

  • Vinyl Siding– Made for many years of beauty and protection, vinyl siding is an affordable, attractive and easy to maintain siding option. Choose from a huge palette of colors and patterns to create a beautiful new look for your home.
  • Fiber Cement Siding– The fastest growing siding choice in America, with more than 4 million homes covered. Fiber cement is stronger and more durable than almost any other siding material. It provides the look and beauty of wood grain, but without the constant maintenance.
  • PVC Siding– A more durable and rugged alternative to vinyl, PVC stands up to virtually any weather conditions, protecting your home and family.
  • Cedar– Traditional, natural look that is just as beautiful left unpainted or unstained. Cedar siding is among the most attractive looks you can have for your home.

Can’t decide which siding product is right for your home? Call Russell Roofing today and one of our siding experts will provide you a siding cost estimate that will help you choose the siding that is best for your home and your budget.

Siding your home offers many direct and indirect benefits, including:

  • No maintenance– giving you plenty of free time to enjoy family and friends
  • Enhanced home value– siding was rated by Remodeling magazine as one of the top ten best home improvements for return on investment
  • A beautiful new look– with a wide choice of patterns and colors, complete with finishing accessories and trim
  • Insulating value– by placing an additional layer between your home and the elements
  • Reduced dust and noise penetration into your home
  • Year after year of enjoyment!

Is your siding in great condition, but you notice damage to your roof? Do you have leaks or infestation problems? We can help!  Click here to find out more about our roofing costs.

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