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Weather conditions in our region can deteriorate rapidly, and no part of your home is more exposed to wind, rain, ice, snow, hail and other storm-related problems than your roof. When a storm damages your home or commercial roof, turn to the roofers the Delaware Valley counts on for fast response and professional storm damage roof repair – Russell Roofing.

For more than 25 years we’ve been the leading experts in storm damage roof repairs for PA and NJ residential and commercial properties. Our services include a dedicated roof repair team of experienced roofers with the skills necessary to quickly assess damage, make emergency repairs to mitigate damage, then return to make more complete and permanent repairs to restore your roof to good health.

Our experts can quickly repair and restore any type of roof, including shingle, flat roof, slate and commercial roofing systems. No job is too big or too small. We even repair storm-damaged gutters, siding, trim and windows.

Storm damage roof repairs our crews typically encounter:

  • Wind Damage– High winds can loosen or tear of shingles, loosen flashing, pry gutters from the roof and even topple chimneys. Have Russell Roofing inspect your roof after a windstorm to make sure there is no damage that could expand and cause problems later.
  • Falling Debris– Tree limbs, power poles and wind-driven debris can penetrate your roof deck and allow water to rush in, causing serious structural damage.
  • Hail– Even small hail stones can harm a roof by pummeling shingles, cracking tile and causing hidden “hail bruises” on underlayment.
  • Snow and Ice– Heavy snow pack can put undue stress on rafters and the underlying roof structure, and freezing temperatures can loosen flashing and masonry.
  • Ice Dams– Melting snow and ice that refreezes along the roof’s edge can cause water to back up and seep under shingles or other roofing materials. Even small amounts of water trickling into your home or business can cause structural damage to walls, ceilings, flooring, framework and foundations.
  • Sun– Even though it is not “always sunny in Philadelphia” we do get stretches of hot weather than can cause cracks in shingles, tiles and other types of roofing that can lead to problems when wet weather returns.

For solutions to all of these weather-related problems, rely on Russell Roofing, the roofing contractors Philadelphia residents trust for honesty and integrity. We’ll even work closely with your homeowners or commercial property insurance company to document damage and provide detailed repair estimates to help smooth and speed the claims process.

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