Commercial Property Management Services

Keeping your commercial properties in good repair through property management services and regular maintenance pays dividends. Buildings retain their value, mechanical and structural systems enjoy an extended service life, and the overall appeal of the property is maintained for tenants and customers alike.

Russell Roofing understands the value of regular inspections, maintenance and repairs, and offers Philadelphia region and South Jersey commercial property owners and property managers complete “one stop” property management services. Instead of having to coordinate multiple trades, or to seek out separate maintenance providers for widely scattered buildings, one call to Russell Roofing is all you’ll need to bring all of your property management and maintenance solutions under one roof.

We have more than 20 years of experience serving the commercial market in the Greater Philadelphia and the surrounding region, including Camden, Princeton and adjacent New Jersey locations. Our dedicated staff has all the skills, expertise and resources necessary to keep your buildings functioning properly. We handle all challenges, large or small, promptly and efficiently. And our preventative maintenance programs can help you avoid costly downtime and disruptions.

Contact Russell Roofing today for a discussion about your commercial property management services and maintenance needs. We’d be happy to develop a customized solution for one building, several buildings at a single location, or multiple sites.

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