What to Expect When Replacing Your Philadelphia Roofing System.

The process of replacing an existing roof may seem overwhelming. But Russell Roofing has been replacing tired, old roofs with safe, secure new roofing systems for over two decades. We have a proven process that makes the work go smoothly and quickly.

  • Inspection and Estimate– We perform a free visual inspection and identify problem areas on your roof. If possible we’ll outline repairs that could extend the life of the roof without replacement. But if your roof is too far gone we’ll provide a detailed written estimate for replacement.
  • Permitting– Upon acceptance of our estimate we’ll begin the process of obtaining all the necessary permits for the work from the applicable municipal authorities.
  • Scheduling– We’ll prepare a target start date and estimated completion schedule. Many residential roofs can be completed in just one or two days. And most roofing activities can continue in varied weather conditions.
  • Before we arrive– Please remove paintings and photos from interior walls, cover your belongings in the attic, and secure items on shelves.
  • Remove existing roof– Before putting a new roof on, we must tear the old one off. This can be somewhat noisy and messy, but we take steps to minimize the disruption and protect trees and shrubbery. All debris is collected and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Repair any sun roof damage– We’ll inspect your roof deck and repair or replace any loose, missing or damaged sections with your approved change order.
  • Install substrate, include ice and water shield and underlayment– The first layer of your new roof is very important for its overall performance.
  • Install flashings around roof transitions such as the chimneys, skylights, and vents– Flashing is a metal transition that is installed to prevent water from entering the living space.
  • Install quality shingles, tiles, slate or metal roofing and a ventilation system– Proper ventilation is essential to the health of your roof and we strongly recommend proper intake and exhaust ventilation. Russell Roofing does not use powered nail guns, instead we affix all roofing shingles using hand nailing for quality and durability.
  • Clean up– We take great care to clean up after ourselves, including collecting all loose roofing nails using a magnet.
  • Final visual inspection– The job is not done until you are satisfied!

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