When Your Roof is Damaged – Insurance Claims

If your roof is damaged by falling debris, hail, wind or other storm activity, your homeowners insurance policy could cover the cost of repair or replacement. Russell Roofing has worked closely with insurance representatives over the years and knows what is required to help move speedily and smoothly through the claims process.

Here are some tips on filing an insurance claim that can help to move the process along and get your roof restored quickly.

1. Call your insurance company and notify them of the damage
2. Have the following information ready when you call to file the claim:
    a. Location of the home
    b. Policyholder name
    c. Policy number
    d. Date of the storm or incident
    e. Time of the incident
    f. Cause of the damage (wind, hail, trees, etc.)
    g. Detailed description of the damage
3. Obtain a claim number from your insurance company

4. Call Russell Roofing to inspect the roof and document all damage with photographs
5. Have Russell Roofing do any emergency repairs to stop the leaking
6. Obtain a written estimate for repair or replacement of the roof – don’t settle for a verbal “guess” about the cost
7. The insurance company will assign a claims adjustor or inspector
8. Tell the insurance company that you want Russell Roofing present when the adjustor arrives to inspect the damage
9. The adjustor will call to schedule a time to visit your home and inspect the roof

The final determination of the value of the claim will be made by your insurance company, based on the report from their adjustor. Chances are it will be less than you were expecting. Remember that the adjuster is trying to minimize the expense to the company. The age of your roof should not be a determining factor on the size of the claim. Most policies state “replace with like kind and quality.”  If the shingles are 12 years old, how do we replace them with 12 year old shingles? This figure can sometimes be negotiated. There are also options to hire a public adjuster who will work on your behalf to dispute the claim amount.

Russell Roofing can help you by providing a detailed damage report and a detailed repair/replacement estimate. Once we are under contract as your contractor of choice, we may have more leverage with your insurance company to get the full cost.

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