Need to Hire a Siding Contractor? Is it Time for New Siding Installation? (Part 1)

siding installation - siding contractor - Russell Roofing & ExteriorsThe two main questions about siding are: How do you know if you need new siding installation? And… Who should you call when looking for a siding contractor? The good news is that while most people don’t think about siding, we have the information you need to determine if this is the year you need to hire a siding contractor to either repair or fully replace your home’s slowly decaying siding. By coming up with the answers to a few quick questions, you should have your answer by the end of this article.

Are you frustrated by how your siding looks?

In the last ten years, how often have you thought about the siding on your home? For most people the answer is “Not even once”. Because siding generally lasts for so long, this is a perfectly practical thought if the siding was brand new when you bought your home… but chances are that it wasn’t. In fact, most homeowners never give a single thought to siding between buying, living in, and eventually selling a home to the next owner who will not think about siding. Unfortunately, this means that even with a relatively long maintenance cycle of five to fifteen years (depending on material and quality), the vast majority of homes are well past due for a little maintenance and you might even need all new siding installation if damage has occurred.

Can you see visible damage to your siding?

This is the most obvious way to determine the shape your siding is in. While you may have never done so in the past, take some time to walk around your house and thoroughly inspect the siding. If it looks worn, if the edges are fraying, the slats are sagging, or if there are visible cracks, bubbles, holes or other signs of decay, you need to get a professional consultation. Wood siding eventually rots, vinyl falls apart and discolors, aluminum dents and scratches, and even brick and stone will chip and crack. If your siding can’t be restored to it’s original beauty with a quick spray-down from a SoftWash application, you’ll need siding maintenance at the very least. A siding contractor will help you determine whether a repair or complete siding installation will be required based on the damage and your budget.

Do you need to repaint often?

If you’re one of those rare courteous homeowners who actually repaints the exterior when it starts to look shabby, ask yourself how often you’re repainting. Siding paint should normally hold it’s color and sealing properties for about 8 years. If you’re repainting every five because the paint is chipping, peeling, or cracking, this could be a problem with the integrity of the siding rather than the quality of your paint.

Thanks for joining us in the first half of our two-part article on how to tell if you need siding repair or siding installation. Stay tuned for part-two, where we’ll talk about a few more clear indicators that your siding has worn down a bit too far. For more advice on siding installation services or for professional siding contractor, contact Russell Roofing and Exteriors today!

Choosing to replace your home’s exterior with siding is an important decision. Russell Roofing and Exteriors’ siding experts have found that our customers enjoy the following once we’ve wrapped their home in beautiful siding.

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