Nature Reclaims Neglected Property:

Old Doors and Broken Masonry Are Letting Pests and Rodents Into the Home


IMG_9799-e1462210090670_2ORELAND, PA (August 3, 2016) — Old doors and broken masonry serve as easy access to rodents and other pests into the home. Homeowners often notice cracks in masonry, warped wooden doors, and window frames when walking around their properties, which can cause compounding issues.

When people ignore these areas of weakness, it opens the opportunity to pests and rodents such as field mice, chipmunks and moles to make a home inside the walls. They soon nest and reproduce and then the pest problem is more difficult to resolve.

Russell Roofing, a home exterior solutions company, recommends a semi-annual self-inspection of the property to help deter the potential for a major problem:

  • Take a notepad and pen and examine your property
  • Divide your property into zones: front, back, sides, garage area, roof, chimney, and under the deck
  • Record any suspicious holes or cracks in the masonry, brick or siding
  • List any windows or doors that do not fit securely, have rotted corners, or missing or broken flashing
  • Note any framing, siding or walls that are bulging from the structure
  • Inspect the chimney brick and roof from the ground with a ladder for any missing bricks, broken masonry or missing shingles
  • Inspect the gutters and determine if they are securely in place or hanging off of the structure.
  • Keep this list in a secure place so you can refer back to it often, perhaps once every 3-6 months and note if there are any changes in the next inspection.

When people do have problem areas, it is important not to leave the problem unattended. It is recommended to rank the problem areas as best as possible according to severity and contact a professional company, such as Russell Roofing, to obtain advice and estimates on any work that might be necessary. If recommended, it is best to set up an appointment for a minor repair so the problem does not become worse.

“All structures suffer from deterioration because of the natural elements,” says Sales Manager Ron Hall at Russell Roofing. “Some can be better protected and last for decades, but sometimes minor repairs are necessary to keep up with home maintenance. Caring for the home structure is just one of the many responsibilities of being a homeowner.”

Although many find it inconvenient to do minor repairs, it pays off in the long-run for most because it saves homeowners from a major repair or rodent infestation down the line.

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