Tips to Prepare your Home for Winter

100_3511As the coldest months of the year approach, you’ve probably given some thought about how you’ll prepare yourself for them. You’ve got your trusty winter coat and boots all ready to go in the closet, but what about your home? The time to think about readying your home is before the extreme cold sets in. These winter home maintenance tips will help you save money by avoiding costly mid-winter repairs.

1. Roof and siding

Inspect your roof and siding for cracks and gaps. If you have any missing or damaged shingles or panels, replace them immediately. These are your home’s first lines of defense against the elements. Any kind of leak can quickly turn into a major problem; so unless you’re an experienced roofer, don’t attempt to make these repairs yourself. Hire a licensed professional. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, contact Russell Roofing to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

2. Gutters

Clean the leaves and other debris from your gutters in order to prevent blockages. It’s a good idea to do this twice in the fall. Since the leaves drop at different rates, they could become clogged by that last push of falling leaves, even if you’ve already cleaned them mid-season.

3. Chimney

If you have a chimney, make sure you have it professionally cleaned before you light that first fire of the winter.

4. Trees

Check out the big trees on your property. Cut down any that are dead or rotting. Cut off branches that look too heavy, or any that hang over your roof, patio, driveway, or power lines. Even strong, healthy trees become brittle when frozen, and a big gust of wind could be enough to send those branches crashing through your home.


5. Insulation

Go into your crawl space, attic, or loft and inspect the insulation for gaps. Make sure your pipes are wrapped. Exposed pipes are at risk for freezing and bursting. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, contact one of our roofing contractors.

6. Ventilation

Go into your attic on a morning that is below freezing and before dawn. If you see frost on the ceiling of your attic, you have a ventilation or insulation problem. Conventional construction homes need an attic that has intake ventilation that brings cool dry air in and exhaust ventilation that that gets rid of the warn moist air in your attic. Condensation build-up in your attic an cause damage to the wood and create mold.

7. Windows and doors

Check them for drafts. If you find any, fix them with weather-stripping, film, or caulk. Not only will this keep the cold out, but it will save you money on your electricity bill.

8. Central heating system

Don’t wait for the first big freeze to test out your heating system. Consider having a licensed technician check it over for you first, especially if your system is under a warranty. It’s far less expensive to have central heating repairs made before it becomes an emergency situation.

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