How to Fix a Skylight Leak

how to fix a skylight leakSkylights are both functional and elegant. Nevertheless, because they break the continuity of a roof’s surface, they are also susceptible to leaking. As a result, they are one of the most common roofing repairs. If you discover a skylight leak, it is always best to contact a professional immediately. Learn how to fix a skylight leak in this blog post.

Many leaks start slowly and go unnoticed for long periods. By the time a homeowner discovers a problem, hidden damage may exist.

The first step of diagnosing a skylight leak is actually determining if there is a leak. Condensation can be the true problem, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If it is a unit that opens, it is important to see if it is fully closed and scrutinize the condition of the weather-stripping. Moreover, if the leaking only occurs in the winter or fall, the problem can be an issue of debris blocking water flow, causing ice to build up. Finally, there will need to be a close inspection of your flashing and other roofing interruptions. Water can travel a long way before discovering any easy access point, like a skylight.

If it is the skylight that failed, it is sometimes possible to re-seal the unit and prevent additional leaks. Regardless, if there is condensation inside the insulated glass, only a new skylight will remedy the problem. Leaks caused by flashing can be provisionally repaired with roofing cement. However, a permanent restoration will require removing adjacent roofing shingles, repairing the flashing, and installing new shingles. This may require a specialized flashing kit designed specifically for your skylight.

But, we will never know until it is properly inspected. It’s often best to evaluate the situation than assume the worst.  

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