Home Makeover: Siding Installation – The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

As a homeowner, this winter kept us hunkered down binge watching some of our favorite shows. We’ve heard so many inspired by HGTV and DIY channels… that you’re ready to make a change and do your own home makeover.  

When deciding on a home makeover, we find that siding is a great place to start; so we’ll explore siding installation options and offer a few pros and cons as it relates to vinyl siding.

Vinyl is an incredibly popular choice for covering the exterior of a home, and it comes in a large variety of colors and textures. Because the color is mixed into the material when the siding is manufactured, vinyl siding is the top choice if you want to avoid visible nicks and scratches.


– Little to no maintenance; vinyl incredibly easy to clean.

– Dirt is simply washed away with a hose and a soft scrub brush.

– Low cost for its lightweight construction and durability.

– Adding extra insulation when installed will increase your home’s R-Value noticeably.


– Strips of vinyl siding come in set sizes. As a result of this, overlapping seams are often visible. But not when professionally installed.

– Not a “Green” material. Vinyl is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and it will not naturally decay.

– Vinyl is not always watertight; bad installation can cause water seepage. You need a professional installation to get this right, like Russell Exteriors.

– As time passes, vinyl siding has a tendency to fade when it sits directly in the sun and is not shielded by trees or shade. However, there are great products that can be used on your vinyl siding to restore it back to its original luster and shine.  And adding a product once every two years by power washing the exterior is well worth the little bit of maintenance.  Can you imagine, 4 hours once every two years?  That’s great!

For more information,please call on Russell Exteriors to discuss the best siding installation options for your home. You can review the types of siding that would best suit your preference and review a free estimate for a professional siding installation. Please contact us the schedule an appointment today.

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