Hire a Roofing Contractor in Philadelphia for Expert Roof Repair

RobertsRoof repair is sometimes unexpected. However, a well-informed homeowner should know the difference between when to repair an old roof and when to take steps to replace it completely. This fact is particularly true if you live in an area of Philadelphia where many older homes still stand — reaching out to an expert roofing contractor in Philadelphia is key to maintaining an older building’s integrity.

For example, if you live in a stone-and-shingle home that has a slate roof and copper gutters, the last thing you want to attempt yourself is roof repair. Not only is it dangerous to scale these older homes, and to walk on these slippery and delicate roofing structures, it can be more costly to try to do it yourself than it is to hire a professional.

Expert Roof Repair

But cost shouldn’t always be the consideration if your desire is to preserve structural integrity and history.

While repairing this older type of roof is ideal, replacement is also possible. Which one you choose should depend on your budget, how you want your home to look, and whether the roof is at the end of its life.

So how do you know when to select repair and when to choose replace? The answer should rely heavily on your roofing contractor’s opinion.

Roofing contractors who have years of experience working on older homes can help you identify the problem and find a suitable solution. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to find an experienced roofing contractor.

If your older slate roof is at the end of its life cycle, your roofing contractor will tell you so. Oftentimes, there is a good chance that if you neglect to replace your roof today, you will end up doing so just a few years later. Plus, if you wait too long to replace your roof, extra damage caused by things like leaking water and animals could increase your repair bill by thousands.

If you’re interested in learning more about replacing your roof, and want to speak with a roofing contractor in Philadelphia, please contact us today. If it’s Russell, it’s Right… Guaranteed!