Enhance curb appeal with new windows and doors: see your house through your neighbor’s eyes

What would your neighbors say about your house? It’s likely that they will notice the wear and tear on your home faster than you will. The exterior of your home makes a lasting impression, not only to your neighborhood, but also to visiting guests. Enhance curb appeal with new windows and doors, so they take notice of your home for the right reasons.


windows-247x200From a functional point of view, windows have a direct impact on energy efficiency. During the winter they keep the cold air out, and the hot air in. In the summer they keep the hot air out and the cold air in. If they do not function properly your bills will increase drastically. Aesthetically, windows give your home a touch of personality. Whether they are big or small, old or new, windows should at the very least be in good repair, clean, and a good blend with the interior and exterior of your home.

If your windows are permanently fogged up, or are not functioning properly, it is time for window replacement. Window replacement can be completed all at once, or a few windows at a time, depending on your budget.


Doors make a bold statement, and are often what people notice first about your home. Doors offer the same energy efficiency benefits as windows, so they too should be in good working order. Changing the front entrance door is one of the fastest ways to make a dramatic change to the overall look of your home.

When choosing a door, consider the climate you live in to help you decide the most appropriate material such as vinyl, wood, iron, etc. Size, color, and artistic details of the door should blend well with the home exterior and the overall look of your neighborhood.

There are so many options, and rather than Googling for window or doors, call on the experts at Russell Roofing.  We can help provide you guidance, direction, suggestions based on your home and budget.  We invite you to schedule a time for one of our Russell Roofing team members to come to your home for a free consultation.  Contact Us Today. Thanks.