Door Installation: What are your Material Choices

cover[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Front doors, they never get the attention and love they deserve. Your front door serves a few purposes. It helps regulate your home’s temperature, helps keep you and your family safe, and adds to the overall beauty of your home. Manufacturers keep these factors in mind when constructing doors, no matter the materials they use. So, when considering front door installation, you have several options.


Wood entrance doors provide a classic, high-end look. They can be customized to fit any aesthetic. Wood doors are durable and resistant to wear. Scratches are easily fixed and wood doesn’t dent. Maintenance includes re-staining every couple of years.


Steel is a popular material choice of homeowners. Doors made of steel hold up well to the environment, though not as well as wood and fiberglass doors do. While they do dent and scratch, these flaws can be repaired and repainted. Steel doors are also low-maintenance, and they are generally the most affordable of door options.


Fiberglass doors also stand up well to environmental elements. They come in a smooth finish or made to mimic wood grain. Fiberglass doors can also be stained or painted. They won’t dent and are virtually maintenance-free. These doors typically stand in the middle when it comes to price. They are popular in homes due to the durability and security they offer while having a wide range of design options.

Your entrance door is an important part of your home in the way of aesthetics, security, and environmental protection. With the variety of materials and designs from which you have to choose, your door will make a statement for years to come.

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