Don’t Forget the Hatch in Attic Insulation

attic insulation - attic hatch

Source: US Department of Energy

Most homeowners know the value and importance of attic insulation but may neglect an area that would result in huge heat loss: the attic hatch! The attic hatch is the main access point to your attic. It’s usually in the ceiling or in a closet and consists of a removable panel or two, depending on its design.

How does Russell Roofing approach attic hatches? Carefully and methodically!

Any gaps in insulation will result in heat loss or gain if it’s hot out! It’s why we don’t recommend homeowners rolling out bats of insulation on their own. A good, worthwhile attic insulation job means addressing all points of heat loss, big and small. All the way from tiny spots like recessed lights to bigger areas like — you guessed it — the attic hatch. A fully insulated attic will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Perimeter Checks and No Gaps

We insulate the attic hatch by sealing the trim and the hatch perimeter, ensuring no gaps in the fit of the panel. We insulate the back of the panel with rigid foam to stop the flow of air. And when the work is complete, we go a step further and show you all the insulation we added to your home. We take before and after pictures and show you the areas where we worked to increase efficiency and save you money!

At Russell Roofing, we take all areas of attic insulation seriously and are excited to work with you on insulating your home. Don’t wait until the bitter cold of a winter season to get your attic inspected.

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