Do You Need to Hire a Siding Contractor? Is it time for New Siding Installation? (Part 2)

siding contractor - siding installation - Russell Roofing and ExteriorsWelcome back to the second half of our two-part article. If your siding has been showing signs of wear, we’re here to help you determine whether or not it’s time to call a siding contractor for repairs or all new siding installation to refresh both the appearance and weather protection of your home.

Is your heating/cooling bill unusually high?

When your siding gets old, it stops being able to keep out the elements which is its primary purpose. Little cracks and flaws that might still hold out the rain will still seep the hot or cold air you use to control the temperature inside your house. If your heating/cooling bill is higher than the neighborhood average or seems to creep upward with every passing year, your siding could easily be to blame. That said, it never hurts to put on new weather-stripping, check your window stability, and insulate your attic as well.

Do your walls show signs of moisture seepage?

If your siding is on its last legs, so to speak, then it will have stopped keeping out moisture as well. This is a particularly large risk with ancient wood siding that can rot and become porous. Signs of fatally compromised siding include peeling and bubbling paint on your interior walls, peeling wallpaper, along with signs of fungus, mold, or the distinctive smell of mildew. These are all classic signs of moisture and leaks. If your pipes are fine, it’s time to get your siding inspected.

How old is your siding?

And our final question, how old is your siding? If you can’t answer this but the house is older than fifteen years, you are probably far past due for siding consultation and maintenance. Depending on the kind of siding you have and the conditions it’s been subjected to, it may have been so long that you’ll need a full replacement. Whether you just want a second opinion or need all-new siding to replace drooping or rotting old panels, you’ll need to speak to a siding contractor. For more helpful information about siding installation or to schedule a friendly siding contractor consultation, please contact us today!

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