Consider Vinyl Siding Installation When Refinishing Your Home

IMG_0224If you refurbishing the exterior of your home, you might want to go for a new look. When you are refurbishing your home you are presented with the perfect opportunity to get the home that you have always wanted out of the home you already have. Siding installation is an excellent way to increase both your curb appeal and the value of you home.

There are many advantages to siding, but the biggest one is reduced paint costs. Vinyl siding never needs to be repainted, and you can pick any color when you are installing it. Imagine if you didn’t have to deal with the hassle of repainting your house every few years. If you are at the point where you are considering painting your home, think of the money you can save by switching to vinyl siding. Painting a three bedroom home can cost around $10,000. Siding is a one time cost as opposed to a cost you have every seven to ten years.

If you have a stucco exterior, and you are thinking about switching to siding, here are some disadvantages to stucco to consider. Stucco does repel water in average climates, but it does not keep water out as well as vinyl siding. Also, according to,

“when you have to refinish it eventually, the paint will have to be sandblasted off to allow the new stucco to bond to the old.”

Avoid this hassle and cost by switching to vinyl siding.

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