7 Fall Roofing Maintenance and Home Maintenance Tips

fall roofing maintenance, home maintenanceHere are 7 Fall roofing maintenance and home maintenance tips you can do to keep the exterior of your home looking good and ready for the harsh winter weather. If you aren’t able to, don’t have the time, or want a professional touch, Russell Roofing is happy to help!

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

Late Summer/ early Fall is the perfect time to clean out your gutters so they work optimally and look their best. If there is someone in your home that is confident being up on a ladder, you can clean your own gutters by climbing up to the gutters and scooping out any debris that has accumulated. However, if you haven’t cleaned out your gutters since before 2017, it’s about time!

This simple fall home maintenance tip will protect your home and prevent water overflow that could potentially damage your siding, roofing, and even internal water damage.

2. Inspect the Drainage System

While you’re cleaning out the gutters, inspect the drainage system. Be sure the gutter system is well connected, not hanging off the roof, and is properly connected to ensure the water flow runs away from your house.

3. Check for Lose or Missing Roof Shingles

Delayed roof repairs only add to the damage. What starts as a simple missing shingle or two, can lead to deterioration and further roof damage.

Water is the enemy of any structure. Even the smallest leak can eventually cause serious and expensive damage to walls, ceilings, flooring, and framework. That’s why it is important to call Russell Roofing and Exteriors at the first sign of a roofing problem.

Our professional roofers are the best at making roofing maintenance repairs that can extend the life cycle of any type of roofing, while blending seamlessly with existing roofing structures. We respond quickly to minimize damage and restore the protective shield your roof represents.

4. Repair Any Worn Siding

HomeAdvisor recommends that as a part of your home maintenance you check siding for any places where the wood is showing through. If you find areas with wear and tear, the repair is determined by the type of siding you have on your home.

Scraping and painting your home every few years is a chore no homeowner enjoys. The task either gobbles up days or weeks of your time, or burns through thousands of dollars of your hard earned money spent on hiring a professional painter. No more! Instead, let Russell Roofing and Exteriors Siding Contractors repair your worn siding and say “Good-bye!” to the endless cycle of painting.

5. Check Windows & Doors for Drafts and Open Cracks

Go through each of the windows and doors in your home and determine how effective they are. Check for openings that could let drafts and pests into your home. Do they close properly? Don’t suffer through another cold winter or hot summer with your old windows and doors. Call Russell Roofing today for a free, no obligation in-home inspection and demonstration of replacement windows to reduce energy loss.

6. Clean Your Chimney & Fireplace

It’s important to properly maintain your fireplace from within the home. However, it’s best to call on a professional like Russell Roofing to inspect your chimney and flashing. You don’t want to be in mid-winter and learn you have a major problem with your chimney.

7. Get Your Home Exterior Cleaned

Get ready for the twinkling of holiday lights with exterior cleaning from Russell Roofing. We keep our client’s homes looking their best through our Soft Wash method. Soft Wash removes debris, dirt, algae, mold, mildew, and much more.

Fall is the time of year when we prepare for the harsh weather conditions that’ll surely come. Hopefully these tips helps with your roofing maintenance and home maintenance projects. Please contact us at Russell Roofing if we can help in any way.

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