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masonry-before-and-after-2There are times when a leak can appear to be a roofing problem, but is actually a masonry issue. Chimneys and masonry walls can have deficiencies that sometimes allow water into the living space. Historically, if there was a water issue, the mason blamed the roof and the roofer said it was the masonry! The homeowner was left to figure it out for themselves. We wanted to put a stop to the argument and take the guesswork out of fixing the problem.

For several years, Russell Roofing has used masonry sub-contractors for masonry work that is connected to our roofing work. We have found that a good mason is just as important as a good roofer – and just as difficult to find.

That’s why Russell Roofing recently expanded to add an in-house masonry crew to our team. We are now able to offer complete masonry services to our customers, with a “no finger pointing” guarantee. Adding masonry services to our full scope of roofing services allows us to provide everything you need for the exterior of your structure.

Masonry services we provide include:

  • Chimney re-pointingIMG_3735
  • Chimney tear downs
  • Chimney rebuilds
  • Chimney crowns
  • Stone, brick, stucco and block work

The strength and elegance of masonry has made it a preferred building method for centuries, appreciated for its style and enduring beauty. Now Russell Roofing is proud to offer complete masonry services to our customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Call us today to discuss your masonry needs.

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